Eggersmann Aminoral 6kg


Aminoral supports by the addition of valuable essential amino acids such as Lysine and Methionine the healthy and constant formation of sleek muscles, without adding extra energy.

It is therefore recommended to use Aminoral especially in intensive training of sport horses. This concentrate of active ingredients contains a combination of inorganic and organically bound trace elements and minerals, which support the metabolic processes. Aminoral is especially suited when your horse has a problem with moulting, or when it needs to have that extra shine. Positive effects have been seen in horses that tend to tense quickly and which are hard to loosen in work. Due to the highly valuable amino acids, Aminoral is also suitable for lactating mares, and gives stallions the best foundation for sperm quality.

Feeding recommendation

To re-introduce vitality and appearance: ca. 10 days 2 measures mornings and evenings, thereafter 1 measure mornings and evenings. For horses in sport, lactating mares and stallions at stud 2 measures mornings and evenings (1 measure = 65g).


soya beans (expanded) 90,0 %
magnesium oxide 0,4 %
fruit(apple)residues 7,0 %

Level of ingredients

Crude protein  35,00 %
Crude fat         16,80 %
Crude fibre        5,20 %
Crude ash          5,50 %
Calcium             0,40 %
Phosphorus        0,60 %
Magnesium        0,35 %