Life Data Labs Farriers Formula Breeders Formula 500g - Dog


Breeder's Formula® is a concentrated nutrient source formulated to promote healthy skin and reduce anxious behavior in dogs.

Breeder's Formula® contains L-tryptophan and magnesium to reduce anxious behavoir in dogs and lessen compulsive itching, licking and skin chewing. L-tryptophan is an amino acid nutrient that all animals require in their diet. A deficinecy of L-tryptophan has been reported to lead to nervousness and anxiety in animals. Much like the tryptophan in milk helps people sleep, supplementing L-tryptophan into your dog's diet often creates a calming effect.

Breeder's Formula® also supplies nutrients required by dogs to strengthen connective tissue proteins, especially collagen. Collagen is the animal's most abundant protein. It constitutes almost a third of the total body protein, and is the major fibrous element of skin, nails, cartilage, blood vessels, bones, tendons, teeth and most internal organs.

Smooth, soft skin, a bright glossy coat - the outward signs of an inwardly healthy pet. Unfortunately, the average dog's diet is deficient in many of the nutrients needed to build healthy skin. Breeder's Formula® concentrated nutrient source provides these needed nutrients. It is the result of many years of veterinary research into the nutritional needs of animals with skin problems.

You could see positive changes within the first month of adding Breeder's Formula® to your dog's regular diet